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    Our business has been built on the concept of getting people to their destinations in a timely, safe, and comfortable manner. We are proud of the standard to which we have held ourselves since we first began offering chartered flights in 1995.

    Chartered Air Flights in St. Louis

    Private charters allow you to travel without the hassle of long lines and crowds in commercial airports. Our commitment extends beyond simply getting you from here to there. We have built up a fleet designed for speed, comfort and safety, and our pilot are extensively trained in safety, including emergency procedures.

    Our Fleet

    As a premier St. Louis aircraft private charter company, Air Charter St. Louis maintains a fleet of 10 aircraft. With these aircraft options, you are guaranteed convenient and professional jet and turboprop travel that delivers the right service for your travel needs at the right cost. Each one of our aircraft is impeccably maintained, including regular reviews by the FAA, which approves our inspection program. All maintenance and repairs are performed by certified aircraft mechanics. To make our service even better, we maintain an inventory of parts to minimize downtime when mechanical repairs are necessary.

    Our fleet includes the following:

    • 2007 Cessna Citation Sovereign: seats 9; travels at 510 mph
    • 1989 Cessna Citation III: seats 9; travels at 530 mph
    • Two Sabreliner Business Jets: executive seating for 8; travels at 500 mph
    • Raytheon/Beechcraft Super King Air 200 Turboprop: seats 8; travels at 336 mph
    • King Air 350: executive seating for 8; travels at near-jet speeds

    Our Pilots

    Our pilots all have extensive, ongoing training and screening. Your safety is our top priority. Air Charter St. Louis’s FAA-approved training program requires pilots to train at least twice a year. They meet this requirement by enrolling in FlightSafety’s full-service program, which includes flight simulations covering a wide array of possible in-flight emergencies. No pilot passes unless he or she demonstrates proficiency in every situation.

    In addition, each of our pilots must qualify in all the following areas:

    • Pass a background check and participate in Air Charter St. Louis’s random drug and alcohol testing program
    • Undergo a rigorous physical examination every six months to maintain a first-class medical certification
    • Complete our TSA-approved security training and recurring training
    • Complete our FAA-approved training program and recurring training
    • Complete our FAA-approved hands-on emergency drill training using the emergency equipment on the aircraft they fly
    • Pass annual tests on Air Charter St. Louis’s Operations Manual, Federal Aviation Regulations, and security routines

    Check Out Our Aircraft Management Services

    Owning your own aircraft can be a huge boon for fast and economical business or personal travel. However, maintaining an aircraft and crew, as well as renting space, meeting all safety and FAA regulations, and fulfilling a myriad of other necessary but time-consuming and costly requirements, can quickly turn aircraft ownership into a budget sink. Why not let us take care of all of these issues for you? In addition, your aircraft can provide revenue for you when you are not using it. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a private airplane without the ongoing hassles of meeting constant requirements and maintenance.

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